5 Best eBay Product Research Tools

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With around 1.3 billion completed and existing listings on eBay, there will surely be a lot of competition for online merchants. Thus, it is crucial for sellers to practice product research by utilizing market research tools, whether new or already has an online store on eBay.

Product research is essential for any business in order to acquire vast knowledge about the most popular items in the market. It allows sellers to grasp new product ideas to determine whether their listings are all money-makers.
Other than helping sellers in identifying profitable items, product research is also vital for the following reasons:

  • Gives sellers keen details about their competitors thru pricing and shipping options.
  • Provides suggestions to sellers about the best keyword research.
  • Can help in predicting future demands and market trends.
  • Seeking suppliers that best suit with seller’s pricing model.
  • Can easily determine the demands in each item as well as its corresponding shipping costs.

Therefore, if you are a seller who is just starting out your online business on eBay, it is recommended that you must practice market research by utilizing different eBay research tools in order for you to be well-guided in your web selling.

Top 5 Best eBay Analytics and Product Research Tools

eBay Analytics

There are actually a lot of free and paid product research tools on eBay that can massively help the seller’s sales performance. Whichever they choose, it will allow them to sort out sellable and profitable products in the market, giving them higher returns.

Nevertheless, this article will narrow down your choices giving you only the best 5 eBay research tools.

ZIK Analytics

ZIK Analytics

ZIK Analytics is among the firmly established eBay market research tools that do not only have an eBay research tool, but as well as a supplier database, AliExpress research tool, and many more.
By using this tool, sellers can have a quick snap on the current market trend for any specific listing. All the data pertaining to the number of products sold, total sales earnings in USD, historical graph, and the average price of items will be presented.

Aside from what has been mentioned above, ZIK Analytics can also provide the percentage of successful listings which can help sellers in figuring out their chances for triumph, especially that they will be given information about the best-selling products in various niches.
Further, it offers sellers easy access to the highest-ranking listings in terms of descriptions, keywords, prices, and images. It also provides factual data of other sellers such as their active listings, sold products, average market price, sell-through rates, and even their successful listing odds.


TeraPeak has been acquired by eBay in 2018. After its acquisition, this eBay research tool proved its effectiveness in helping sellers with their online stores especially that it is part of the Seller Hub. However, this tool requires you to have any of the following eBay store subscriptions: Basic, Premium, Anchor, or Enterprise. If you only have a Starter Store subscription or no store subscription at all, you can, however, still subscribe to TeraPeak but with a monthly charge.

This product research tool is actually user-friendly since it has been made primarily for eBay sellers. Once you enter the name of any item, you will be provided with essential information like total sellers, total goods sold, total sales per product, average shipping rate, and average selling price.
In addition, you can even filter out the items based on product condition, category, listing type, and stocks. TeraPeak will also provide you with in-depth graphs that allow you to track the product’s recent market trend as well as its past performance.


ShelfTrend is an eBay research tool having both free and paid versions. You can register and sign up in this tool by linking your eBay account or using your email address. This market research tool uses inventory and product listings to assist sellers in determining what products to sell, top-selling categories, best keywords to use, and competition analysis. Its interface is very responsive as it quickly provides a comprehensive analysis of the market data.

Upon using the tool, you will be given four options: the average weekly sales, new listings, supply and demand, and even the top 500 live listings. Whichever you choose, ShelfTrend will present specific and vital facts that can significantly help your product listing in gaining more profits. In Average Weekly Sales, it will show a report about the weekly sales performance of all sellers who are selling the item you input on the search bar. You will also find additional data on their brands or units that have been sold recently or in the past few days.

The New Listings report, as the name suggests, gives you the recent listings of all the items you search as well as their price, brand, and shipping costs. On the other hand, the Supply and Demand feature will provide you an overview of the product’s current market trend — sorting out which has the highest or lowest supply and demand.

Lastly, the Top 500 Live Listings will present the list of top sellers with their corresponding rank, the number of listings on the specific item, available stocks, total sales, brands or units used, and the average shipping and product prices.
Moreover, ShelfTrend’s premium plan offers you the benefits of saving reports, in-depth competition analysis, and report scheduling.


AlgoPix is an excellent eBay research tool that is best recommended for sellers who are selling in two or more marketplaces. This tool actually can regulate up to 17 marketplaces! It greatly helps sellers with product identifiers, breakdown of expenses, shipping costs, history of sales performance, recommendation score, and average market prices for both individual and bulk listings. You can even search for your competitor’s eBay store to see all their sold items plus their overall performance which can help you analyze in-depth information and learn some new marketing strategies or product ideas.


Salehoo is one of eBay’s supplier directories that can be used in finding items for dropshipping, wholesale, and private labeling. It is considered the most powerful eBay research tool for wholesalers and dropshippers, especially since you will only be dealing with reliable sellers in all your transactions.
Salehoo has various sets of tools which are Seller Labs, Discover Product, Compare Products, and Trends tool. Each tool may have distinct functions, but they have the same main goal, i.e., to guide sellers on their way to success!