eBay VeRo Lists: All You Need To Know

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The Verified Rights Owner program List or a VeRo list is a database of brands names, companies, titles, special products, product descriptions, and phrases that should be avoided to not receive a VeRo warning.
Every dropshipping tool has its own inbuilt program to safeguard the intellectual rights of the dropshippers and entrepreneurs who use it.
In the case of eBay, it’s VeRo that provides that shield.

VeRo List

Why Should One Be Aware Of VeRo Lists? 

A VeRo list is like a guiding force that safeguards dropshippers from all aspects.
It consists of specifications that will not only prevent you from listing the wrong product but will also protect you in case intellectual rights pertaining to your niche or your product have been violated.
Either way, it’s a necessity.

The specifications given, like titles and phrases that cause VeRo violations, help make one aware of the prevalent legal language, which is especially helpful for dropshippers that are just starting.
Sometimes the concerned dropshipper might end up making faulty claims.
If you are aware of such nuances, you can claim the right to your product and re-list it. 

eBay brand listing

Brands to Avoid On eBay

As per the VeRo List, certain brands need to be avoided when you are dropshipping with eBay.

Abercrombie and Fitch

Until and unless Abercrombie and Fitch authorize it, the distribution of its products will be considered illegal.
The specifications about its trademarks, logos, etcetera are mentioned in the
eBay VeRo list.


This world-renowned brand has the capacity to generate a lot of profits for dropshippers.
However, Nike allows only its authorized dealers to resell its products on eBay.
Nike also allows its products to be sold on eBay if they have been purchased and are in their original state.
Thus, as long as you are a trader who bears the inventory risk, dropshipping Nike products on eBay is possible.

Mcgregor Fashion Group NV 

This is probably the most trendy fashion label on eBay.
However, from distribution and logo to marketing, Mcgregor Fashion Group NV holds its trade rights and does not allow anyone to resell their products.

Overstock.com Inc

This company has invested a lot in the marketing of its branding strategies.
Hence, they are protective of all the rights surrounding their products. 

Nordstrom, inc

Consisting of a plethora of copyright materials sold wildly across different states, this brand has more than 28.70 million customers purchasing its products.
To emphasize quality over quantity, Nordstrom, Inc. is a part of the VeRo List.


Being a sought-after name in the technical niche, Microsoft includes the phrases: ‘not for resale’ or ‘promotional,’ especially when selling and distributing some of its software on eBay.


Several renowned brands are a part of the eBay VeRo List to safeguard their products’ exclusivity.
Thus, it is imperative for dropshippers to be aware of this list to protect themselves against legal actions.
It is a wise idea to check the VeRo list before choosing a dropshipping niche on eBay.