Types Of Infringements To Avoid On eBay

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Dropshippers often get puzzled by the sudden disappearances of the products from their listings on eBay.
More often than not, it is eBay’s Verified Rights Owner Program at play.
VeRo is a program built to identify intellectual infringement of products listed by dropshippers.
The concerned owners, on recognizing the infringement, send a notification to eBay.
However, eBay cannot take any action when dealing with stolen products.
In that case, other law enforcement bodies are supposed to step into the picture.

Various Intellectual Infringements Detected By VeRo

Various Intellectual Infringements

Intellectual Infringement is an umbrella term covering several aspects.
VeRo is designed to recognize all of them to safeguard sellers and dropshippers.
Thus, it helps them to reach their full potential in the process.

Selling of Replicas

It is illegal to indulge in selling replicas or fakes of various products belonging to different reputed brands.
For example, selling a purse with the brand label
Gucci while the purse is not manufactured by the brand.

Misusing a brand name

The use of brand names for products not manufactured or sponsored by the concerned manufacturer is prohibited on eBay.
For example, using the brand name
Sketchers for a pair of Nike shoes would fall under this type of infringement.

Infringement of Trademark

A unique phrase, logo,  word, or symbol associated with a brand is a trademark.
For instance, eBay is both a brand and a trademark.
Trademark laws are primarily designed for helping customers understand the difference between various brands they generally deal with.

Wrong usage of Logo

Using some other brand’s logo without their authorization is an intellectual infringement.
Creating a logo that is similar to someone else’s can also be called trademark infringement.


Interpretation pertaining to warranty should always be clearly represented to avoid trademark violations.

Copyright infringement

Copyright infringement can arise when a brand or company’s images or product descriptions are utilized by another company without prior authorization.

Patent Rights

Patent rights exist for the protection of innovators.
These rights protect their creative innovations from being copied.
However, VeRo observes patent rights in Europe only.

Design Rights

These rights are primarily observed in Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.
They entail the structure, configuration, and aesthetics of a product.
These rights protect a product’s appearance from being copied.
Thus, you would not be able to sell anything that closely resembles the design of a particular product.

Parallel Imports

In certain countries, some products are safeguarded by the state by imposing copyright and trademark laws.
In such cases, you have to seek authorization before selling the product.
You might be penalized if you fail to do so.


It is beneficial both as a seller and a buyer to be aware of the variety of possibilities under intellectual infringement.  The seller would know his rights under the VeRo policies.
On the other hand, the buyers would be fully aware of products they should not buy from a third party.
Thus, this would prevent them from getting duped.
Thus, going through the eBay VeRo list is a win-win situation for both parties.