What To Do When You Receive A Vero Warning?

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Have you received an email from eBay informing you that your product has been delisted?
Sometimes dropshippers get their products eliminated from their respective listings without them even realizing why.
This, of course, both bewilders and worries them.
This elimination primarily happens due to dropshippers not being aware of the rights pertaining to the products that are not to be infringed.
There are products on the eBay VeRo list that a third party cannot sell. If you list these products on eBay, they would eventually be taken down.

Steps Taken By eBay In Case Of A Vero Warning

The intensity of the action taken by eBay varies based on the degree of the intellectual infringement committed.

On receiving a complaint or finding out about the violation of one of the VeRo listings, eBay will send a mail mentioning all the details about the product, the brand, the company, and the kind of intellectual infringement committed by the concerned owner.

Depending on the frequency and intensity of the violation, eBay may decide to let you off with a formal warning, allowing you to sort things out with the concerned owner.
At the extreme end, your registered account might get banned.

Vero Warning

Actions To Take On Receiving A Warning From VeRo

When you haven’t gone through the dropshipping rules and regulations on eBay or the VeRo list, you are likely to make mistakes about the intellectual rights that are not to be infringed.
However, when you receive mail from eBay, you can take the following steps.

  • Firstly, analyze the situation on your end. Gather all the information on the transactions that have occurred centered around the concerned product.
    Also, amass enough information to see whether there has been either a mistake or a misunderstanding regarding the situation.
  • Make yourself aware of the various rights that come under intellectual property, and don’t repeat the mistakes again.
  • Make yourself aware of the VeRo List consisting of brands and companies listing whose products generate VeRo warnings.
  • If the situation seems too dense or ambiguous, you can also choose to consult a lawyer who will guide you through the situation and solve things between you and the concerned party.
  • Also, make sure you remove the concerned product from your listings and decide not to invest further into the concerned product niche.


There have been cases reported of scams being run in the name of the eBay VeRo list, where a malicious third party sends you a violation email with the intention to extort money.
Thus, always confirm with eBay personnel about the legitimacy of the email sent.
To be on the safe side, always go through the eBay VeRo list before choosing a niche on eBay. 

In most cases, a settlement can be reached with the manufacturer, and you can get out of the situation if the violation was unintentional and short-lived. However, any intentional violations with an object to deceive both eBay and the manufacturer can have long-standing implications. So, think twice before you act,